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STC Trading with One Stop Warehouse

Choose one of the fixed price solutions below to benefit from, which will bring you peace of mind that you will be getting the best price at the time.

Cash for STC’s

We recognise that there are times when companies simply wish to take the current STC price and convert it to cash (at a discounted rate). With one the most competitive STC prices on the market today we recognise the logic in this option, particularly for those who are primarily focused on generating cash to fund the next job. At the end of the day, logic always prevails.

Equipment for STC’s

This solution was developed to provide customers with the opportunity to trade STC’s for equipment and streamline the whole procurement process. Dealing with one company for all of your solar needs simply makes sense. We are an experienced distributor with a wide range of quality products and packages. You will have the perfect solution to manage your stock needs.

Trading Information

Cash will be paid into your account in 7 business days from receipt or on registration by OSW Finance STC Form excel format | pdf format whichever is later. Or in the case of equipment, your account will be credited in 1 - 3 business days.

Forms must be received 5:00pm AEST or the next day's STC price will apply. STC forms should been sent to us at directly.

    How will your equipment STC’s be allocated?
  • STC’s will be allocated first to the oldest outstanding invoice if you are a terms customer.
  • Or to balance of orders where the deposit has been paid.
  • Remaining STC will remain as a credit on the account until it can be allocated to new orders where the deposit has been paid.
  • If you would like your STC’s allocated to a particular order, then please notify customer service in writing via email to .